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The story so far (from the maker himself)…

A little bit about Dudda’s Tun…

Growing up on a farm is about as much fun as a child can have. There was however, always work to be done, and as soon as we were old enough, my sisters and I worked summer holidays and weekends picking cherries and cutting courgettes.

Pine Trees Farm, home of Dudda's Tun

The farm has always been at the centre of my heart, and I could never imagine not being a part of it. After a few short years away from the farm at University, I returned with the sole purpose to work on the farm, alongside my father, Kevin, hoping to learn from his 40 years of fruit growing experience.

A fruity dilemma

Fruit is another of the struggling areas in farming, and with Pine Trees Farm being a fairly small farm, it became apparent that if I wanted to be able to continue working on the farm then I would have to find a means of paying my way.

About Duddas Tun

My initial idea was to make apple juice and to sell it at local farmers’ markets alongside our seasonal produce. It soon became clear that we needed a wider range of products to offer the customers.

We made our first batch of cider in 2009. A simple, but popular blend of Gala and Bramley.

It didn’t take long for its popularity to grow. Soon pubs were enquiring about the supply of cider, and so, in 2011 we rebranded our Pine Trees Farm cider as Dudda’s Tun.

We Become Tun

Dudda’s Tun takes its name from the origin of the village name, Doddington, where it is produced. Dudda was thought to have been a person or a tribe, and ‘tun’ was the old English word meaning farmstead or settlement.

Today, the Dudda’s Tun logo still depicts the original artwork created by a local artist, and is the basis of all our designs for our cider varieties.

Dudda's Tun Cider Taste of Kent Awards

Dudda’s Tun has continued to double production year on year, increasing the variety of ciders, and working with more and more distributors to supply outlets far and wide.

Our cider has become my passion, and the ambition is to make our local farm-made cider available to everyone up and down the country …and who knows, maybe beyond.

Rob Payne

Rob Payne,
Dudda’s Tun
Pine Trees Farm