How We Make Our Cider

Here at Dudda’s Tun we pride ourselves on producing cider true to our farm and region in the Kent Downs.

The varieties of apples and pears grown on the farm and used in the cider and perry include:

Cox Orange Pippin, Egremont Russet, Discovery, Golden Delicious, Scrumptious, Red Falstaff, Grenadier, Bramley, Conference, Du Comice and Concorde.

The apples and pears are fully ripened on the tree, before being handpicked and allowed to mellow before pressing.

The blend of apple and pear varieties are then chosen and pressed at their most sweet and juiciest.

How Duddas Tun Cider is made

Pressing matters

“At Dudda’s Tun we believe blending apples at the point of pressing produces a more rounded flavour than blending individual ciders once they have been fermented.”

Once pressed, the juice is pumped into their fermentation tanks, and left to ferment at their own rate, using natural wild yeasts. Fermentation usually lasts between 1 to 10 weeks, depending on the air temperature and natural sugar content of the juice.

“We add no additional sugar to the fermentation and only use fresh pressed pure apple juice.”

Racking off

Once the juice has finished fermenting, you are left with a young cider. We then pump this cider in to fresh tanks, leaving the initial sediment behind, known as ‘racking off.’ The cider is then left to mature for at least 3 months, although we have been known to crack into our Disco Dudda within a few weeks of it being racked off for the first time, to enjoy the slightly cloudy, super applely cider at its freshest.

Our traditional still ciders are then racked off another two times before being sold as refreshing, crisp and naturally clear ciders, with no filtering necessary.

Keeping it simple

“The beauty of cider is its simplicity”

It is at this point that our fruit and spiced ciders are blended with their chosen fruit juice or spices, to create ciders for those with a nose for something a bit different to apple and pear.

“Dudda’s Tun cider is uniquely Kentish. From the carefully nurtured orchards, and attention to detail, there’s no other cider quite like it… Kent To The Core.”