Our Ciders

Always hand-picked and farm pressed to ensure maximum flavour. Our Traditional range uses varieties specially selected and blended to make our farm grown apples & pears the stars of the show!

Our range of fruit ciders showcases the perfect harmony of cider and fruit. Specially selected fruits are chosen to complement the delicate Kentish apples used in our traditional cider to create a beautifully fruity taste.

Our exciting Fusion range represents our own unique take on producing ciders with a modern twist. Traditional ciders at heart are blended with specially selected ingredients to create super tasty fusions.

Can’t decide between our ciders? Why not have them all. Grab a mixed case and sample the mixed delights.

Available formats: Traditional Range Mix, Fruit Range Mix or Fusion Range Mix.

Choose a selection of favourite ciders as a fantastic gift for someone (or a treat for youself)

Available formats: 3 bottle gift box or a 6 bottle gift box